Estudia English Lección 4: Spanglish errores


 Study English here!   Esplanglish errores

Estos errores suelen  ocurrir  si  intentas traducir palabra por palabra

Aquí hay unos de los más típicos………………..


I like very much English food.  MAL

I like English food very much     BIEN


EstudienUK Grammar :  Unlike Spanish ‘very much’ goes after the noun not after the verb

More  correct examples:

I like London very much

I  don’t practise English very much


 I have 22  years old. MAL

I am 22 years old. BIEN

EstudienUK Grammar :  Use the verb ‘to be’ ( ser/ estar) for age not ‘ tener’ as in Spanish.

More  correct examples:

David is 16 years old.

My daughter will be  thirty two in April.

He was 25 in November.


 The most of people study English.   MAL

Most people study English.  BIEN

EstudienUK Grammar :  La mayoria de = most

More  correct examples:

Most boys like cars.

Most days it rains.

Most women work.


 Are you agree?  MAL

Do you agree?  BIEN

EstudienUK Grammar :  In Spanish ‘Estar de acerdo’ is not to be agree in English but just the simple verb to agree

More  correct examples:

We agree with you.

David agreed with me.

I don’t agree with them.


We are ten in the class.  MAL

There are ten of us in the class.  BIEN

EstudienUK Grammar :   No se dice somos (numero) pero se usa la forma de hay – there is/ there are  (numero) de nosotros

More  correct examples:

There were sixty of us at the party.

There will be twenty of us at the meeting.


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