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  1. Joao Batista

    My name is Joao Batista, I’m 22 years old and I’m from Portugal. Here I’ll tell you about some things I did since I’m living in United Kingdom. ¬ On 19th November of 2014 me and my girlfriend took a plane from Lisbon to London Heathrow. When we arrived we had some friends, that are living in London, waiting for us. While we were waiting for the bus to Great Yarmouth we went to a restaurant where we had lunch with them. Some hours passed by and we caught the bus. ¬ A few days later I called Banham Poultry, a chicken factory, to make an appointment. I went to the appointment and induction a few days after, everything went well and on 4th December of 2014 I started to work. ¬ Meanwhile, I had called to make an appointment to do the Insurance Number. So on December 15th me, my girlfriend and her mother went to Norwich to take care of that and we took the opportunity to take a walk around Norwich. ¬ Christmas and New Year were passed in my girlfriend’s sister house with her family. ¬ Since we arrived at Great Yarmouth me and my girlfriend were living in her sister’s house until we had the opportunity to move. So on 15th January of 2015 we moved in to our flat where we’re living now with her mum.
    ¬ On 19th February of 2015 me and my girlfriend decided to have a late Valentine’s Day because we were working on February 14th. We took the bus to Norwich and as soon as we arrived we visited the castle, Elm Hill and finally we had a great lunch. ¬ To sum up I’m very happy to live here and I’m grateful for all the help I had since I arrived.

  2. Joaquina

    Hi my name is Joaquina Almeida, I am from Portugal. I came to UK on the 9th of July 2013. I came to work and try to find a better life because in my country it is very difficult.I had a job there as a care worker, but I asked for one year off to came to UK. I started to work soon as I came as a room maid in a Hotel and as a cleaner at Caister Beach Holidays.I have three daughters. Last year they came to vist me now they are here living in the UK with me…My first Christmas was sad but the last one was very happy. I have all my family with me. My little grand daughter is 4 years old and she is at the nursery school here in Great Yarmouth and she is very happy with all the English children. We all have work and we are doing very well here in the UK. I just hope we have the opportunity to study to improve English and take a course to get a better life.

  3. Jessica Pereira

    My name is Jessica, I’m 22 yars old, I’m Portuguese and I’m living for three months in Great Yarmouth. In Portugal I completed the course of Chemical Analyst, level 4, and my objective is work in my area in England to earn money. I’m living in Great Yarmouth since 19th November 2014, I came to Great Yarmouth with my boyfriend. My mother, sisters, brothers in law and my niece hve lived in Great Yarmouth for a long time.. When I came I called the chicken factory to work. A few days later, they called me to go to an interview and after the interview they called again to ask me to start working. Six days working and seven days off. 15th December, a day off I went to Norwich to do the insurance number with my boyfriend and my mom, and enjoyed a walk around the city. I spent Christmas and new year in my sister’s house where I was living with my boyfriend. 15th January 2015 we moved in to a flat in Great Yarmouth, that we share with my mom. The last day 19th January me and my boyfriend went to Norwich to walk to celebrate the valentines day and I enjoyed it very much. I feel good and happy in Great Yarmouth with my loved ones.

  4. Luis Samina

    My name is Luis. I am Portuguese. I live in Great Yarmouth.
    I came to U.K. in 2012.I speak fluent Portuguese and regular English. I am a certified paramedic. I love helping people. I am physically fit. When I came to England I went to to work for Bernard Matthews with a contract of two months and then I returned to Portugal for three weeks, I returned and looked for a job but could not find one. I had to register at the job centre. In February 2013 I began to study ESOL at Great Yarmouth College. I started from entry level 1( beginners) in March of this year I worked in the caravan park in Caister until September. In June of the same year I started working at an Indian restaurant. In March 2014 I went to work again for caravans as a cleaner until June then I applied for Banham chicken factory, where I work so far. In December last year I was invited to be relief line leader I passed the tests and did training for one month. Now I am on stand by to be a relief line leader when they need me.

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